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Heal Yourself Program

Dr Shankar Chawla MD, also has special ability to train the individual in Life challenging situations and helps them to cope up in a positive, healthy and producing fruitful results. Dr Chawla is a very passionate to heal at one on one personal level in transforming life. These techniques are scientific, rational result oriented useful for peoples from different walks of life like students, executives, home makers and today's modern highly disturbed stress individuals for controlling and managing anger, agitation, worry, fear, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, obesity, social isolation etc.

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To most people, Yoga is the practice of difficult postures (asanas). To others – Yoga is meditation (dhyana). Some identify it as renunciation (vairagya) – practice it after your retire! A few associate it as a way to gain some powers (siddhis). Yes! Yoga has these facets, but it is much, much more.

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