Few short cases of paediatrics to geriatrics where the energy is channelized by correct homoeopathic remedy.

Case 1:

A case of child P.: A 31/2 year male child came to me on 21.03.2001 with mother complaining that he is not speaking. On observation this child had good eye contact and was very hyperactive would not sit in one place. He would frequently go to mother and kiss. He was shy, timid would hide behind the chair or mother and fearful look would give a smile. He had the tendency to recurrent cough and cold. He was examined by paediatrician and could not find any abnormality and labelled as delayed miles stones and recommended speech therapy. His mother is a teacher in M.P and they stay in Chembur Mumbai as father is a contractor. She has taken a prolong leave but has to report often to attend school for period. Pinto used to feel insecure without mother. In view of other characteristic feature he was prescribed Agaricus 200 in infrequent doses. He responded very well in terms of speech. We really found difficulty in school as he was unable to cope up, a time came that the school recommended a special school for him. Remedies such as Stramonium 1M was given for fear, Calcacrea-Carbonica 200 was introduced for his constitutional dose. He was able to cope and is going to main stream school of class IV and is performing well in his studies. Mother being the teacher was a good source of help in making him study.

Case 2:

A young studious girl studying in X std class, age 15 years name S. came to me for lack of concentration, forgetfulness, unable to focus for long, easily distracted. She looked tired, fatigue, dull with drooping of eye lids. Mother described that she is exerting mentally because of her studies and is stressed out. On further questioning she said that she feels nervousness, trembling before her exams and has heaviness of head. In spite of studying and knowing the subject she was not confident. Her performance had been low because of these conditions. She was given Gelsemium samperverus 1m and Kali phosphoricum 200x 4 pills twice a day for 2 weeks. She was able to perform well and her nervousness had reduced which did not interfere with her performance.

Case 3:

A case of Ovarian Cyst: A female age 35 years Mrs C. working as a typist, came to visit our clinic on 24.04.2000 with complaints of pain in abdomen colicky in nature with history of vomiting unable to retain for 2-3 days. Her Usg on 11.04.2000 shows large thick an echoic pelvic-abdominal mass (with clear fluid)? Left T.O. mass. On examination, per abdomen a lump extending up to epigastrium region. Her menses were very painful heavy for 2 days and were regular. Her general examination WNL. Her mental state reveal emotional suppression were her In-laws were causing her trouble in day to day chores. She craved spicy++, sweets+ in food, sun causes headache. She was given a dose of Natrum- Muraticum 200, she developed increased pain after 2 days of dose which subsided in few hours. Repeated Usg done on 11.08.2000 shows considerable regression in the size of the left T.O.Mass. Latest Usg shows total regression of mass.

Case 4:

A middle aged obese man A. G. aged 36 years a known case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome came to us on 20.04.2007 with symptoms of distension of abdomen, bloating, eructation, constipation occasionally most of the times diarrhoea loose stool 2-3 -5 times a day after eating, drinking since 10 years. All investigation done including sigmiodoscopy showed normal. His occupation initially working with shares and mutual funds Company with sedentary lifestyle and off late started his own business. He was always on edge with his work to complete the targets and felt very frustrated because of his work. He desires spicy, fried which aggravated his condition with his irregular eating and sleeping habits his life had become miserable and on top his business in today's time of recession was at low. We prescribed him Nux-Vomica 1m daily dose with weekly dose of Dys-co1m. His response to treatment was satisfactory but his general low energy levels and residual gastric symptoms persisted. His stress level also remained same. He wanted to try Acupuncture, with 15 sitting he dramatically improved. Acupuncture brought back his energy, improved his sexual performance and was able to cope with his occupational stresses and also started his own business.

Case 5:

A case of Elderly man Shri C.G. age 76 years came to us on 23.06.06 with diagnosis of early Parkinsonism, Benign enlargement of prostate, retinal detachment, gall stone, on hypertensive medicines. C/o trembling+, shaking+ of upper limb, loss of memory, chronic mucus in stool with unsatisfactory stools. He was fully investigated and seen by all the experts and consultants. With all this he was living a very active life till the wife was alive. Her wife suddenly died on 13.03.2006. All his condition started deteriorating. It times becomes very difficult to understand the mental state especially in cases were maze of symptoms present and there is a compensated state. He presented very bold, strong and did not reveal any emotional weakness in few follow-up. Once the rapport was developed he said that he no longer what to live as he wife has left her he feels lonely, sad, depressed and unable to sleep. He was well looked after by their children and daughter in laws and was respected by family and society. His family and friends were concern about his deterioration of health. He was undergoing a grief we prescribed him Ignatia amara 1m followed by Natrum-Muraticum1m and he also required a dose of Aurum-Metallium 1m. Elderly man is a changed man now, he started work and become active again. He devoted his time for society work. He improved with his LFT, and his gall stone had disappeared in his USG which even radiologist was amazed.

How the energies can be transformed through Homeopathy as mentioned with above cases :

Case 1
Child with development difficulty of speech at the level of emotional fear being the core, hyperactive being high energy levels
Chanelization of energy.
Case 2
Young girl with difficulty in coping up with studies demonstrates Confusion, dullness, lethargy, lack of confidence, nervousness at intellectual level.
Low energy is optimized.
Case 3
Woman with ovarian cyst disturb physiology at physical level of pain with underlying component of emotional suppression.
Transformation of energy.
Case 4
A middle age man with IBS and severely disturbed at the work level –occupational.
Realization of energy.
Case 5
An elderly man with co-morbidity achieves a higher purpose of his life – social and spiritual.
Natural flow of energy.