Acne or pimples appears on skin as a single lesion or multiple lesions like small boils which may be of different types. Some may be small tiny ones without any fluid within, or some may be filled with fluid of pus within. Acne poses a severe problem when it is in large number and coming very frequently. This type of acne often leaves marks on your face. Acne may be caused due to over use of cosmetics. Chronic dandruff problems also can cause acne. Acne is also very common at the time of puberty or adolescent age when the pores in the skin are opening which were earlier close. There are many other medical problems and skin condition in which acne is present. To prevent acne avoid washing your face repeatedly. Try to avoid harsh scrubbing of face. Please avoid using toner with high concentration of isopropyl alcohol it will damage your skin. Do not squeeze or pick your acne as your hand and nails will introduce bacteria in it. Exercise generates heat in your skin which is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Remember that you take shower or wash your self after exercise.


homeopathy has a specific role to play in chronic and recurrent problems of acne. We have treated many cases of acne where patients have tried various over the counter products for acne but their problem is bad to worse. Homeopathy treats the tendency of recurrent problems with constitutional medicine.