Practising Vipasana

Vipasana meditation is a form of Yoga. It helps to manage stress, attain self-control, and increase concentration. 

While you are extremely health conscious and pay a lot of attention to what goes inside your body, your mind may be full of clutter. Throughout the day and even when we sleep our mind is full of thoughts that keep running to and fro. 

Stressful work at office as well as at home and mental tensions can leave you drained out. Problems in concentrating on work and losing temper for the smallest of things can be dangerous for your health and life. If you are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy mental balance then practicing Vipassana meditation can be helpful. 

Out of the many different techniques of Yoga, Vipasana meditation can help make changes in life and live better. As we do physical exercise to keep our body healthy, Vipasana is used to develop a healthy mind. If you wish to practice Vipasana here's help at hand. You can easily develop a healthy mind with this unique form of Yoga.

What is Vipasana? 

Vipasana is an ancient technique of meditation. Vipasana means an insight in Pali language. It was rediscovered and taught by Gautama Buddha as a technique of defeating universal ills and soon became an art of living. It is described as "the ability to see things as they really are, through a process of self-observation." According to Vipassana experts it is a process by which one can recognise and eliminate the course of suffering. 

While you are on your way to discover Vipasana, understanding Yoga can let you make the most of the practice. "Yoga kameshu kaushalam" which means that when you do any activity with full concentration and devotion it becomes immortal and is liked by every one. It is Yoga in its truest form. It can be writing a poem, cleaning your closet or even brushing your teeth. Any activity with complete concentration and focus is considered as Yoga. If you do any work through complete integration of your soul, mind, and heart it becomes Yoga. With a short insight to Yoga, here's what Vipassana meditation can do for you.

  • Helps self transformation and self observation.

  • Takes you through the common spot shared by your mind and body.

  • Removes impurities of your mind

  • Enables concentration on interrelations between your mind and body

  • Helps understand the mental process

  • Helps you to go deep within your self and discover yourself

  • Helps you heal your sufferings

Instructions for practicing Vipassana 

Before practicing Vipassana meditation, keeping a few instructions in mind can help. Follow them to a 'T' and you will be able to make the most of your Vipassana practice. Vipaasana can be practiced during any time of the day. Consult a Vipassana instructor or join a Vipassana Ashram if you are a beginner. Vipassana is so simple and beneficial that even children can practice it.

  • Create a calm atmosphere of meditation around you. It will help you to concentrate better. For example, you can sit in a room with a dim light in a quiet environment

  • Wear loose clothes to be comfortable while practicing Vipassana

  • Avoid smoking, alcoholism and indulging in illicit behaviour while practicing Vipassana

  • Concentrate on breathing from your nostrils

  • Pay attention on different parts of your body from head to toe. For example, start from your forehead then come to eyebrows, then cheeks, then nose, lips and in this way continue till you reach your toes. Observe sensation of each part

  • Avoid reacting to the sensations of your body and just observe them

  • Avoid paying attention to any one part of your body for a longer time

  • Try practicing this activity daily for 45 to 60 minutes

  • Seek help of an instructor to guide you

  • Avoid practicing this activity immediately after a meal. Take a half an hour break between a meal and Vipassana practice.

Benefits of Vipassana 

Here's a quick look at the benefits that practicing Vipassana meditaion provides. Remember, it will only take you about half an hour everyday to get these benefits and live a better life.

  • Practice of Vipassana regularly helps control greed

  • Helps face tensions and problems

  • Increases awareness and helps make peace with yourself

  • Helps attain self-control

  • Helps control or stop day dreaming

  • Helps face fear

  • Helpful for stress management and anger management

Each one of us might be facing some or the other problem while coping with our daily lives. So, to stop coping and start living, try practicing Vipassana meditation. Millions of people around the world have discovered the way of living life, through Vipassana. Are you ready to find yours?


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