Here is a great yoga asana you can do while watching television - without interrupting your time for leisure. Could anything be easier? 


1. This is the classic lotus pose, in which one has to sit with both legs crossed, and ankles placed on the opposite thigh. 

2. Keep your back straight, and your hands stretched out in front of you on both knees, without bending them at the ankles. 

This pose is excellent for the spine, kidneys, abdomen and pelvis. In fact, it is supposed to be one of the most beneficial yogic poses. It also eases the pain of childbirth, so if you are planning a pregnancy, it makes sense to start doing the padmasan starting from now!

Don't overdo it all at once. The first day, sit in the pose for a few seconds - that may be all you can manage. The next time, try for a little longer. Keep increasing the duration till you can sustain the pose without feeling any strain. While you can definitely sit like this while watching the television, we recommend that you sit in a quiet room, and try to meditate. Concentrate on a word like "Om" or anything else that suits you, and keep repeating it mentally. This will calm your brain and relax your mind.

If you have suffered from a leg or thigh injury, do this pose under the guidance of a yoga instructor. 

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