Chyluria is the term used for the clinical condition where the patient passes milky white urine. The patient is known to pass substance called chyle which is made up of lymph with other serous material. Chyluria is a condition arising as a result of chronic filariasis (elephantiasis) which occurs due to parasitic organism called Wuchereria bancrofti, which is a thready nematode which is present in lymph channels and obstructs the lymph flow. Another cause is pregnancy or childbirth. From the many lymph channels which are blocked, some of them may open due to back pressure in to the kidney or ureter or sometimes into the bladder. This results in the flow of chyle in to urine and change of color in to milky one from the normal light yellow color. The problem can be a self limiting problem which resolves on its own. Sometimes the problem becomes complicated and may need surgical intervention. If the condition remains untreated and becomes chronic then the secondary complications of chyluria are also seen. The secondary complications of chyluria are malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. Allopathic doctors use the drug known as Diethylcarbamazine (DEC), for this condition.

Role of Homeopathy in Chyluria:

Homeopathy can be helpful in the treatment of chyluria, where the condition can be resolved effectively and progress of the illness be prevented. Along with treatment of chyluria homeopathic treatment can also benefit if there is associated Filariasis. The troublesome and increasing swelling of filariasis can be kept in control with homeopathic medicines. Constitutional homeopathic treatment approach is best suitable for such chronic and progressive illness.