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"Dr.Chawla is a great homoeopath,very pleasant personality,always accessible and makes you feel welcome even at odd hours and very holistic in his approach. I recommend him very highly."

Surendra Keswani

"Dr. Chawla is a great doctor. I was recommended to him by a friend in 2006 and have relied upon him since then. Even after moving outside India, I continue to rely upon his advise and medicines. A thorough professional with deep insights in his field, he is the doctor I consult for me and family."

Atul Garg

"Dr Shankar Chawla is a patient listener , sharp in analysis, gives proper diagnosis. He doesnt waste time experimenting with the patient . He doesnt hesitate to tell the patient to seek allopathy guidance for severe cases rather than prolonging his treatment in homeopathy ." September 28, 2009 "

Archana Ajit

"I Know Dr.Shankar Chawla since last 3-4 years, initially I referred him for my Allergic Sinusitis which started some 10 years , his medication has helped me in complete cure within a years time .In between my wife, Mother , father & of course new born son is also getting treated by him . His holistic approach, which including Physical, emotional & social environmental, towards disease & patient makes it a unique & resell oriented. What makes Dr. Chawla class apart is dedication, sincerity & approachability. I have recommended him to few of my friends, colleagues & I'll keep recommending."

Rajesh Trivedi

"Dr. Shankar Chawla is the health-lifeline of our family for the past 12 years. He is a master healer and his skill lies in his inquisitive and diagnostic approach to any ailment he treats. He is very advanced in his thinking and his remedies reflect his deep absorption with the holistic nature of treatment, for which he holds international qualifications and recognition. During our 12 years with him as our family doctor, we have had the pleasure of recommending Dr. Chawla to several of our friends who have all benefited tremendously. A special skill Dr.Chawla possesses is that, no matter how rushed or pressured he is, he always has the time to make a visit to his clinic more than just a Doctor-Patient relationship, which is sometimes half the healing in itself. A modest man with an engaging smile and demeanour, Dr. Chawla is an active social worker and Rotarian of repute. Society certainly benefits from having this true gentleman in her service."

Dexter Valles