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At Mohini Clinics we Ddesire everyone to be Happy & Healthy

Homeopathy is an effective natural remedy that has no side effects.

Healthy Living

Lifestyle based on the principles of ancient wisdom works miracles for healthy living. Lifestyle Changes alone can actually reverse the effects of stress, that can otherwise prove disastrous. It has been well declared in the ancient text, the Bhagavad-Gita that nobody can be stress -free

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Patients Verbatim

"Dr.Chawla is a great homoeopath,very pleasant personality,always accessible and makes you feel welcome even at odd hours and very holistic in his approach. Surendra Keswani "Dr. Chawla is a great doctor. I was recommended to him by a friend in 2006 and have relied upon him since then.

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Case Studies

  • Before homeopathic treatment
  • After homeopathic treatment

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